How to get candid photos at your wedding


When it comes to couples planning a wedding they want a gallery of photos that represent their love rather than the traditional perfect wedding photos. I’m here to share a few reasons why candid Wedding Photographers are making the shift in the way Weddings are being captured.

Wedding Photos with Feeling

Hi, Blair here. I’m a Spokane Washington Wedding and Elopement Photographer. I’ve been been a photographer for over 9 years, but started photographing couples in 2020. When it comes to photographing weddings, I gravitate more toward the moments with feeling. This could be the bride handing her grandmother’s a replica of a handkerchief that is generations old, Mom and dad of the bride standing looking over the reception and holding each other, or reactions you have to speeches.

Candid Wedding Photos over Posed Wedding Photos

Documenting in between moments during a wedding has been something wedding photographers have done for generations but they also relied heavily on posing you in a way that doesn’t feel natural and authentic. We have switched the mindset of couples when it comes to “posing”, and refer to it as “prompting”. Prompting is directing you to specific actions we want you to take in order to create a more authentic and natural way of capturing images. You can think of it as movie stills of your relationship. So you may also be thinking what photos can be more posed and what photos can be more candid? This is entirely up to you! Traditionally speaking, more posed photos would be bridal formals; some not all, first look, ceremony and family portraits. Candid moments are mostly during getting ready and the reception.

Keep This in Mind

Everyone’s wedding is different, this is why I have consultation calls and meetings with you. Getting you comfortable in front of the camera is important in capturing authenticity. Speaking of that, have you booked your engagement session yet? Guys, this is the best way to spend time connecting with your photographer and get all those nervous butterflies out. Plus you get to see first hand how your photographer is going to work at the wedding.

In Conclusion

There is so much more that goes into photographing a wedding than most people think. Getting to know you as a couple truly helps us connect with one another. Your investing in photos that will last well over your lifetime and can be shared for generations, so no we don’t take being your photographer lightly. It’s a delicate process that deserves dedicated attention to detail and knowledge to help guide you through the time leading up to your wedding, during the wedding and way into the years afterwards.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog. I hope this helps in understanding that perfect wedding photos are a thing of the past and instead can have photos that are all about your love. I am here as a guide to help you make sure you get all the photos you deserve on your wedding day.

If your looking for a Spokane Washington Wedding Photographer, let’s chat!! Head to my experience page to find my pricing, what to expect when working with me and raving reviews from past couples.

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