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I’ve got a camera in my hand and a passion in my heart to create intentional memories for you!

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 Hey guys, I'm Blair the photographer, creator and connection maker deeply rooted in intentional and not so typical storytelling.  I got married to the love of my life in the summer of 2023 and have planned my own wedding and been a bride, therefore my entire perspective on photography will be documented with as much love and authenticity as possible.  When you see me, I will more than likely have the biggest smile on my face and arms outstretched for a hug because I'm just so excited to meet you.  I consider myself a free spirit and pride myself on being unique. I’m goofy and clumsy but overall have a genuine heart of gold.  I grew up in an artistic home and photography was something that sparked my wild imagination at a young age, you know the age where you need photos to help you remember!

 It all started with the summers I would spend at my grandmother’s house and the fascination of her drawer filled with old photographs. What I loved the most were the stories that each photo held. I learned at a young age how important documenting memories are and that was the start of it for me. I’ve been an artist in many medium’s but photography has been the most passionate one! I couldn’t imagine a day without turning your most precious memories into art. Love is a bold reminder that each intentional moment deserves to be documented. No two love stories are the same, therefore it will always feel personal.  

I'm your biggest hype gal 

hi,i'm blair